Data center and cloud services

The clients should have an introduction letter and coordinate with the company before sending a flash drive, DVD, CD, etc.; and then use their access to install the operating system
No, before buying this service, its technical feasibility should be determined. In case the necessary resources are in place, an invoice will be sent.
The clients should have an introduction letter and coordinate with the company before sending their equipment for Afranet to install them.
اFirst the technical feasibility is determined and an invoice sent for the clients. After the clients’ confirmation, a rough draft of the contract and a Ripe form will be sent. Finally, the clients should send the signed rough draft of the contract, the filled-in Ripe form, a copy of the money transfer order, a copy of the client’s national ID card (for real clients)/a copy of the official newspaper (for legal clients).
For each package one domain can be offered.
Yes, you can increase the capacity of each mailbox up to 20 percent of the package’s overall capacity.
No, these two disks are separate in cloud servers and can only be upgraded separately.
The various steps of ordering and buying can only be taken online. The clients can obtain the money transfer order without going online and then send a copy to Afranet during office hours.
At the client’s request, an invoice will be sent just to inform him. But ordering and buying can only be done online.
By the client and through the user panel in data center’s cloud portal and by going to My Services item.
No, installing all software and applications is the client’s responsibility.
Yes, the client should announce his required disk space to Afranet. After a feasibility report has been issued by the company and the price paid by the client, the disk space will be increased.
Real clients: first name, last name, father’s name, national ID number, landline number, cellphone number, address.
Legal clients: first name, last name, father’s name, national ID number, name of organization or company, landline number, cellphone number, address
It will be announced in the invoice sent by Afranet.
By filling in and sending an introduction letter (in a format provided by Afranet) and previous coordination with a two-hour notice, during office hours from Saturday to Wednesday (except for national holidays). This possibility is offered on a 24/7 basis for those clients with 24-hour physical access.
Yes, an official invoice will be` sent to the client after the service is installed.
For this, the client should send a written request to Hamrah-aval. After confirmation by Hamrah-aval and registering a ticket for Afranet, this service can be delivered.
The client should send a written request to Afranet. In case Afranet supports that service, Afranet’s approval for this service will be sent to the client via the telecommunications company.
There’s a 24/7 support service for all services, and the client will get access to Afranet’s incident report system (
The support offered by Afranet is free and the client pays no fees for it.
No, setting up or changing services is only possible during office hours.
Via an email sent to the real clients or a letter sent to the legal clients.
In case of services which are not online, the contract is renewed after the client approves the invoice and pays the cost.
In case of online services, there is no invoice sent. The contract is renewed after the client pays the electronic bill he has received.
Yes, if the client pays for 3, 6, or 12 months, there’ll be a 3, 7, or 15 percent discount respectively.
Compensations are covered by the contract. The client should send an email to Afranet regarding the date and duration of the interruption.
Creating a backup is the client’s responsibility. If a separate storage space is obtained by the client, an FTP space on a separate server will be allocated to the client where he can transfer his data. The transfer of files and data to this space is the client’s responsibility.

Broadband Services

After the client announces what type and level of service is requested, Afranet will quote a price via an invoice.
After reaching an agreement, exchanging relevant documents, and the transfer of money by the client, it will take 3 to 4 days for the service to be up and running.
Optical fiber, radio, Intranet, MPLS, and VPLS.
After the client sends a request which contains an address and a phone number, Afranet’s feasibility team performs a feasibility study with prior coordination with the client.
The cost of equipment will be announced via an invoice after the client announces the type and level of service he requires.